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James Land Company -- Selling Your Property?

Benefits to the Seller:

With the increased mobility of today's population a buyer for your property may come from anywhere around the world. It is important to have a means of contact with ALL interested parties. Economists, in general, agree that auction is the best method to achieving the best price for an item including real estate. It is also the most efficient and effective way of marketing anything that buyers may place a different value on. The advantages to selling your property with an online auction are numerous and will set your property apart from others.

Best Price:

Allowing all interested buyers compete for your property through open bidding is the best way that you can be assured that you have received the best value for your property.

Faster Sales:

Auctions sell property quicker than traditional means. Determining a set deadline for bidding, forces buyers to make decisions quicker instead of waiting for the seller to lower the price on their real estate. Most auctions will be finalized within 60 days or less. The speed at which you are able to sell your property may save you thousands of dollars.

No listing price:

You won't underestimate the value of your property or take the first offer to be made. The interested buyers will compete with each other to determine the top value for your property.

No negotiations or counter offers:

There is nothing to negotiate. The buyers, through the bidding process will determine the market value of your real estate.

Reserve Price:

Contrary to traditional opinions about auctions, you are able to determine a reserve price (minimum price) therefore eliminating the risk of selling your property below what you are willing to sell for.

No contingencies:

All auction sales are final! Buyers must have all financing qualifications complete before becoming a bidder.

More Buyers:

With the ease of bidding on line, buyers that normally would not take the time to attend an auction or bother with traditional sales will become players in the sale of your property. In order to find all interested buyers, an intense advertising campaign is important.


Auctions are well-organized scheduled events. You will know when your property will sell, the closing date and the minimum price that will be achieved. There is no more guesswork on selling your property

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