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James Land Company -- Lifestyle Real Estate

James Land Company specializes in Investment Grade and Lifestyle Real Estate throughout Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. We unite buyers and sellers via the traditional sales method and Online Real Estate Auctions.

What is Lifestyle Real Estate?

Lifestyle Real Estate can come in many forms. Almost any property type can be referred to as a Lifestyle property, but we think of it as ranches, farms, hunting and recreational properties. These properties have their own lifestyle that many people are looking for, whether it is working cattle on a ranch to snowmobiling or hiking from a cabin.

What do we do?

We specialize in finding lifestyle properties through our large database of property owners in the areas we focus. We unite people looking for a certain lifestyle or a lifestyle change and match them to the properties that will fulfill their wants.

Why Invest in Lifestyle Properties?

We believe that lifestyle real estate is a safe investment for two main reasons. The first being, unlike the turbulent swings in Wall Street that can be devastating to a personís financial well being, by investing money in land, investors have the opportunity to take advantage of the steady growth of land values in recent years. The second reason is you have the ability to go out and enjoy the lifestyle that property has to offer. Land can actually be used and enjoyed for ranching and farming or for recreational purposes such as hunting, fishing, hiking, camping and vacationing.

Where do we focus?

We focus on properties throughout Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado due to an abundance of low price, high quality farmland combined with world class agricultural infrastructure.

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