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James Land Company -- Investment Grade Real Estate

James Land Company specializes in Investment Grade and Lifestyle Real Estate throughout Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado. We unite buyers and sellers via the traditional sales method and Online Real Estate Auctions.

What is Investment Grade Real Estate?

Investment Grade Real Estate is any property that produces an income. We deal primarily with agricultural based investment grade properties, mostly farms and ranches that yield 3 to 7 percent returns.

What do we do?

We specialize in finding income producing properties that can yield 3 to 7 percent returns. We unite investors looking to lock in a rate of return that matches their investment goals with sellers of these income yielding properties. The income from these properties can come in many different forms, but most common is leasing the land back to farmers generating rental income.

Why Invest in Agricultural Based Properties?

We believe that agricultural farmland is an excellent investment because global “food, feed and fuel” factors will continue to put upward pressure on crop and land prices. In today’s turbulent market many people are looking to find a shelter for their investment dollars in agricultural farmland. Unlike investments in the stock market, commodity market, futures market, currency market, junk bonds market etc. that can quickly erase the value of an investment portfolio that has taken years to build, investment grade agricultural properties offer the assurance that the land still holds a value and is capable of producing a return. It is this assurance that has lead many individuals and institutional investors to look for investment grade properties.

Where do we focus?

We focus on properties throughout Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado due to an abundance of low price, high quality farmland combined with world class agricultural infrastructure.

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