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James Land Company Information for Buyers

Benefits to the Buyer:

Advantages of buying real estate on-line are numerous. Buying property from the comfort of your home or office can be a very enjoyable experience. Not only can you bid, but also you will be able to watch the bidding as it happens. Important information to consider when you're thinking of buying real estate on-line is:

There is no pressure to bid immediately:

You have time to decide if that property is what you are looking for. This takes away the pressure of traditional auctions that only last for a few minutes. On-line auctions run over a period of days, thus taking away the pressure to decide on the spot.

All bidders have equal opportunity to bid:

Online auctions create an atmosphere which allows every interested buyer to bid at his/her convenience. This allows buyers to buy property that might have otherwise sold too quickly.

Buyers are in control of the price:

The buyer has complete control of the price they are willing to bid. They also can determine their own strategies of bidding to position themselves best to be the top bidder.

Open Bidding:

On-line auctions allow everyone to see the amount that other interested parties bid on the property. The ability of all buyers to watch the bidding process adds to the fairness of the auction.

Fair Market Value:

As opposed to traditional real estate sales, on-line auctions are viewed as the best method for buying a property at fair market price.

User Agreement:

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