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Item: Gardner Farms Parcel 1

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Item Has Ended

This listing has ended without a bid.

At A Glance

  • Listing Price: $1,601,650
  • Listing Broker: Curt James @ 307-399-8644
  • Property Location: 11 Miles West of Alliance, NE
  • Property Size: 909 Acres +/-
  • Improvements: Modular Home, Older Farm Home, Four 22,000 bu Grain Bins
  • Mineral Rights: All Rights owned by Seller, if any, to transfer at closing.
  • Water Rights: Well Permits G-069412 & G-054679
  • Features: Good Cattle Working Facilities, Productive Farm Ground

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Current Time

August 9, 2020
1:35:49 AM MDT

Sale Price
This property is For Sale at the Listing Price of $1,601,650

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Photos, Maps, and Documents

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Broker's Comments

Offered in six separate parcels, Gardner Farms, Inc. was established in 1972 with three bank loans, and was put together one piece at a time like a puzzle. This one border fenced block of prime Box Butte County center-pivot irrigated farm and ranch land is located in the Snake Creek Valley eleven miles west of Alliance, Nebraska. Spanning 5,774 deeded acres +/-, the subject property is comprised of 1,523.9 irrigated acres +/- and 4,250 acres +/- of dry land farm ground, sub-irrigated meadows and pasture. The soils are sandy silt loam which produces excellent crops and grazing. All eleven center-pivot irrigated circles have excellent shallow irrigation wells in the prolific Arikaree Aquifer, with shallow levels that have stayed nearly static over the past 40 years. The wells and pivots have been annually serviced by Western Valley Irrigation and Dustin White Pump Service and are electric powered (PREMA) except for #31 circle, which is powered by a John Deere diesel generator. These irrigation wells are metered and have been conservatively used with a large unused future water reserve established with the Upper Niobrara – White Natural Resource District. This subject property has been well cared for and managed by the owner/operator (farmer-rancher) in cooperation with good tenant farmers and ranchers. The farm raises corn (220 bu/a in 2015), wheat (100-120 bu/a in most years), edible beans (40-50 bu/a most years), sugar beets with top yields, excellent dairy alfalfa for many years and excellent potatoes (cash rented) on all circles over the past 40 years. For the avid bird hunter the subject property is covered in pheasants during the winter months.

Parcel Breakout
PARCEL 1 - This parcel is 909 acres +/-, comprised of 243.6 irrigated acres (Pivots #19 & 20) with the balance being in grass. It also features good cattle feeding pens, very good cattle working facilities, calving barns, an excellent manager’s modular home and an additional older home. There are four 22,000 bu Behlen grain bins which were newly rewired in 2016. Well permits for the pivots are G-069412 (Pivot #19) and G-054679 (Pivot #20).

PARCEL 2 ~ SOLD – This parcel is 368 acres +/- with 337.4 acres under Pivots # 20 & 21. These two large pivots are located on the north side of Perkins Road. Well permits for the pivots are G-060754 (Pivot #21) and G-048400 (Pivot #22).

PARCEL 3 ~ SOLD – This parcel is 480 aces +/- with 388.3 irrigated acres (Pivots #23, 24 & 30) with the balance being corners. These pivots are located on the south side of Perkins Road. Well permits for the pivots are G-071229 (Pivot #23), G-071230 (Pivot #24) and G-084417 (Pivot #30).

PARCEL 4 ~ SOLD - This parcel is 498 acres +/- with 445.9 irrigated acres (Pivots #25, 26 & 27), with the balance in corners. Well permits for these pivots are G-073346 (Pivot #25), G-073348 (Pivot #26) & G-073347 (Pivot #27).

PARCEL 5 - This parcel is comprised of 170 acres +/- with 128.6 irrigated acres (Pivot #31). This pivot is powered by a John Deere diesel generator. Its well permit is G-084418.

PASTURE PARCEL – This parcel encompasses 3,358 acres +/- of excellent grass and sub-irrigated pastures. Well watered with shallow stock water wells equipped with windmills and electric submersible pumps on the same well with large watering tanks, this parcel also has an older farm house on it.

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